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AI can improve business process management.

AI can support BPM initiatives, by automating routine tasks, analyzing large amounts of data, and enhancing user interfaces.

Data analysis, machine learning, and predictive analytics can automate several of the basic decision-making processes in an organization.

According to McKinsey, AI can automate up to 45 percent or more of a particular job, freeing up workers for more mission-critical or high-value work that technology cannot easily accomplish.

Here are three use cases:

An AI tool can monitor regular business processes to note where issues may potentially crop up. It may include an ‘assign’ feature where the system decides who needs to act on a request, based on current availability and past performance. The tool can also analyze business processes to make recommendations on process optimization.

An AI tool may optimize workflows to avoid spending more time than necessary on tasks that don’t require this extra investment. It can analyze the time workers need to perform specific tasks. By applying machine learning, the tool can identify data, forms, and situations that lead to a higher-than-necessary time investment. For instance, it can make suggestions such as ‘Do you want to auto-approve similar requests?’.

AI has many applications in improving customer support. One use case is to automate voicemail follow-ups, ensuring that customers who leave a voicemail are engaged quickly and receive appropriate responses to their queries. Such an intelligent tool could use speech to text conversion to create a transcript of the voicemail, and then take the text and add it to the service ticket, offering customer support agents a clear idea about what the complaint entails for quicker resolution.

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